Empower your organization’s data capabilities with the integration of SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) by Karyahub Solutions. Our comprehensive suite of analytics solutions, including SAP BW, BW on HANA, BW S/4HANA Modeling, and more, harnesses the power of SAC built on the HANA in-memory database. This integration seamlessly synchronizes data, unlocking new possibilities for budgeting, planning, forecasting, and predictive analytics.

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Key Features:


Business Intelligence (BI)

Foster self-service analytics with secure, interactive dashboards and reports, empowering your team with actionable insights.


Amplified Analytics

Harness embedded AI and ML capabilities to derive strategic insights, ensuring unbiased decision-making.


Enterprise Planning

Streamline decision-making processes with enhanced planning and analysis, driving improved business outcomes.


Enterprise Platform Services

Break down data silos by seamlessly integrating diverse data sources, providing a comprehensive organizational view.

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SAC's Features:


Data Analysis and Visualization

Utilize SAC’s Stories and Analytic Applications to create interactive reporting with charts and visualizations.


Currency Exchange

Facilitate comprehensive financial planning with SAC’s ability to handle currency conversion.


Collaboration Software

Boost efficiency through user discussions and commenting tools, fostering a collaborative environment.


Connection to Source Systems

Ensure data integrity with live connections to source systems, enabling real-time data access.


Data Modeling and Storage

Enhance reporting capabilities with SAC’s ability to create Import and Live models for structured data architecture.


Data Security and Roles

Implement controlled data and object access with robust security measures.



Organize workflows seamlessly with SAC’s calendar feature, promoting procedural alignment.


AI Capabilities

Search to Insight: Pose questions in plain language for AI-driven visualizations.

Smart Insights: Quickly gain a clear understanding of business data.

Smart Discovery: Leverage AI to generate comprehensive data stories.

SAP Implementation

Our SAP Business Analysts at Karyahub Solutions are integral to our commitment to delivering exceptional SAP solutions that empower our clients to achieve their business objectives with efficiency and innovation. Through close collaboration with clients, SAP consultants, developers, and other stakeholders, our team ensures the successful implementation and ongoing improvement of SAP solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client.

What We Offer

Our Services



A trusted provider of SAP solutions. We help organizations harness the full potential of SAP.


Enterprise Solutions

We focus on the best practices with cutting edge technologies for enterprise solutions



With our AR/VR expertise we change the perception of reality and create interactive experiences.

Work Process

Our Working Process

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Planning & Preparation

Initial phase for project planning & team setup, defining objectives, scope, & gathering requirements.

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Phase where we design, develop, test, and prepare the system, ensuring quality and functionality

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Go Live

Where the project becomes operational, and the service solution is deployed for active use